My research in self-expression and creativity led me to the profound realization that we all have Secret Genius because of the irrefutable evidence of our connection to art, science and nature.

    • Alzhiemer’s patients who lost their ability to verbally communicate begin to speak when they are in front of great art.
    • We can see neurons firing wildly in the brain when we see a thing of beauty using an MRI.
    • A woman drifting into the abyss of dementia painted a picture of red yellow and orange light coming from a window in art therapy. She entitled it, “Leave the Light On For Me”. (Credit: Matt Dehaemers)

    • The world is composed of systems, patterns and formulas make up everything in the world

    • "I don't think Einstein would have discovered relativity if there wasn't an impressionistic movement in Paris" ."Art touches Science and back and forth." Mehmet Oz, M.D.

      F rom The Secret Genius Project emerges the revelation that you are a thread in the tapestry of intelligent design. It unravels the meaning around some simple universal truths that can change your health, wealth, relationships, and other interests.

    The Secret Genius Project is a method built on four guiding principles:

    Principle #1:

    CConnection between:
    • art, science and nature
    • systems, patterns and formulas within them
    • those things and YOU
    • creativity, self-expression and recognition

    Principle #2:

    CCreativity is a practical matter. We are compelled to be creative as a function of being part of those systems in nature. When we apply creativity to problems, we render more effective solutions.

    When we can step outside conventional thought, we can view things from a fresh new creative vantage point. It can help guide us to:

    • better pathways toward success
    • what we really want in life rather than what we feel we have to do.

    Principle #3:

    SSelf-expression: We are drawn toward self-expression as a relevant element of life and a necessary link to realize our genuine identity.

    Principle #4:

    RRecognition: creativity and self-expression come in many forms. They are part of those natural systems and connections.

    When these natural dispositions go unnoticed, the systems break down.

    family connections

    TThe Secret Genius Project offers a collection of programs that empower, improve, and restore the things in your life based on four guiding principles that emerged during extensive research. When we can tap into them, we can literally leverage the secrets of the universe in our own lives!

    The Secret Genius method helps

    • Parents connect to their sensory and autistic children
    • Healing from illness, grief, trauma and addictions recovery
    • Women grieving from infertility and miscarriage
    • Leadership development
    • Relationships
    • Life enrichment

    Avoid pitfalls when systems break down

    Overcome breakdowns when they occur

    How The Secret Genius Project Helps You

    OOur subject matter experts have helped hundreds of people just like you to improve your relationships and overcome the struggles they know you face.

    We understand how scary it can be to feel lost or off track in your life’s pursuits, relationships and career goals.

    We know the frustration of being confused and misunderstood. You can rely on the professionals with whom we collaborate to deliver top notch instruction—because they already have a track record of helping countless clients just like you to navigate the challenges they face to reach their goal.


    Donna RedmanThe Secret Genius Project platform is based on a series of principles that emerged during my research.  This work revealed profound evidence that a few components, in particular, are instrumental in finding/achieving solutions in recovery from illness and addiction, overcoming grief, building self-esteem, relationships, and more.
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    Our programs integrate ancient wisdom and cutting- edge technology to guide you into the beautiful story of your Secret Genius that may have gone unnoticed for so long.

    The Secret Genius Project

    • offers gold standard programs
    • delivered by subject matter experts
    • to help you enjoy relationships, connections, hobbies, healing, career, aspirations and personal development when applied to your life