Donna RedmanAAs a life-long student of behavior, personal development, and artistic pursuits, I became aware of some profound evidence that linked art, science, and nature.

Clear parallels between medical, emotional, spiritual, mathematical, and technological influences emerged.

The concept of self-expression often appeared in conversations about wellness and healing. And it became abundantly clear that creativity is more than a frivolous extra in life as we may have been led to believe; and is alarmingly misunderstood. We are in fact, compelled toward creativity as a part of our being.

I wanted to understand these themes that showed up in everything from cutting-edge science to ancient writings and texts that fuse art, science, and nature together.

I gathered the wisdom of practitioners across multiple subject matters.

My inquiry encompassed both eastern and western influence and thought leaders from various perspectives transcending culture, era, spiritual, academic, and philosophical boundaries

My research considered the perspectives of numerous iconic voices in varied schools of thought from Joyce Meyer to Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Brian Greene to Maya Angelou and many more.

I sought the work of subject matter experts such as V.S, Ramachandran on behavioral neurology, Dr. Robert Solso on cognitive psychology, and Prof. Samir Zeki on an emerging field of study known as neurasthenics.

It included subjects from the golden ratio and the Higgs boson particle to color psychology, Feng Shui, and more to get to the heart of what fuels the furnace of genius that resides in us all.

I was able to identify a few critical elements that we can harness as powerful tools to heal, strengthen and overcome the challenges we face in our lives. 

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