The Secret Genius of Overcoming Betrayal

Rare is the person who has never been betrayed. It is a near-universal human experience.

IIn The Judas Kiss: Growing Beyond Betrayal, family therapist and leadership development consultant John Brownlee draws on his clinical expertise to show us how we can overcome our pain and begin to heal. In this practical, common-sense book, he also teaches us how to spot betrayers sooner the next time―because there will be a next time.

Brownlee goes deep into the multigenerational aspects of betrayal, touching on both its roots in our ancestors and its impact on our children and grandchildren. He offers hope and useful suggestions to help us soften potentially harmful effects on the family so future generations don’t repeat damaging patterns. His no-nonsense approach is nonetheless laced with compassion as he encourages us to face difficult truths in order to move forward.

Now, John brings you Overcoming Betrayal in a complete online program.

John Brownlee, authorJohn Brownlee

AA highly experienced and effective psychotherapist, John Brownlee, B.A., M.A., LMFT has over 35 years history as therapist in Private Practice in Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy, as a coach, business consultant to start up & Fortune 500 companies in the US and Canada

John’s education includes

  • a BA at Milligan University
  • an MA in counseling and sociology from Ball State University and did post graduate studies in Marriage and Family systems at University of Guelph in Ontario

John’s career includes

  •  Working with individuals, small groups and in corporate settings of up to several hundred participants sharing his talent in conflict resolution.
  • He is a long-time clinical member of AAMFT. (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • Co-Founder and Consultant and Trainer, Co-Founder of Telecare Etobicoke a Suicide and Distress Centre, Toronto Canada brings wisdom, strength and a moral conviction of integrity in his work with his clients.

Publications from John

John is a published author of The Hole In Your Heart on How to Overcome Your Emotional Pain and he now brings us The Judas Kiss, Overcoming Betrayal from which The Secret Genius of Overcoming Betrayal is derived.

John is postured and ready to help you face the challenges of betrayal in your life now!


JJohn Brownlee has dedicated his life and career to understanding and supporting those who have experienced emotional and interpersonal suffering and challenges in primary relationships.

His work regarding betrayal, The Judas Kiss, is a thoughtful attempt to comprehend how betrayal occurs and its lasting effects. Beyond the impact of betrayal, John’s intent is to provide the reader with support and guidance toward understanding and meaningful recovery.

Randall w. Phillips, PhD, LMFT, AAMFT
Clinical Fellow
Memphis, TN

AAs I read through the table of contents, my interest was piqued to read the chapters. My favorite chapter was “Overcoming the Pain” because of the examples and strategies you shared with us – the readers. And this line particularly got my attention: “You did not have control over who deceived you or how you were deceived, rejected, or betrayed. You do have control over how you are going to respond and live.” This thought is one I share with my clients on a regular basis. And, I didn’t have a “least favorite” chapter. I thought the entire book was well worth the read.

Dr. Sylvia Ann Trapuzzano
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Therapy in the Park
Palm Desert, CA

MMy favorite chapter is Chapter 12 because John Brownlee has identified and described betrayal trauma and has encouraged people to not blame themselves. Because my area of specialty IS this topic, it is one of the most difficult traumas (and really the core issue with most trauma) to heal from. There was not a least favorite chapter.

Melissa Bradley Ball, MS
A Life Coach specializing in Trauma
Birmingham, AL

JJohn’s book was especially helpful to me for giving me the in- sight and tools to confront my deep-seated anger and hurt. It was especially helpful to understand my betrayer is not unique; his character is like other con men. John nailed so many personality characteristics, I gasped while reading. John truly understands. I know now I will never get closure with my betrayer as he does not feel remorseful; only honest individuals do. John’s Points to Ponder helped me explore my true feelings and awareness. Thanks to this book, I am on the road to forgiveness.

Lori Whitbey
Content Marketer
Nashville, TN

HHe gets it … John Brownlee truly understands the stabbing pain of betrayal. He has heard it expressed by so many wounded people, and he has experienced betrayal … himself.

What do we do with the puncture wound it causes? In this book we can see the results of two differing ways of dealing with it. We can leave it open and untreated, but it will likely become more “infected” with anger, guilt, bitterness, etc. Or we can learn from this author how to cleanse and ultimately receive relief from our wound.

I believe that this book will provide the sparks to ignite hope and healing in so many of us who have suffered “The Judas Kiss” of betrayal.

Cindy Hottinger
Mother, homemaker, longtime friend of the author
Nashville, TN

JJohn Brownlee has been a trusted advisor of mine for over 40 years. His counsel has been wise and reliably useful to me both personally and professionally. In his latest book, The Judas Kiss, John provides a practical road map for anyone dealing with betrayal, forgiveness, and seemingly insurmountable past issues. His counsel comes from a place of proven professional qualifications and the hard-won wisdom gained from personal experience. We all have pain that robs us of freedom and joy if we don’t work through it correctly. The insights in this book will help the reader journey to a place of forgiveness and freedom. It has enabled me to think clearly about the lingering pain of betrayal in my own life. If you are ready to cast off the chains and heal the scars of betrayal, this book will help you too.

Jim Tune
President Impact Ministry Group 
Senior Pastor Emmaus Church
Ontario, Canada

TThe Judas Kiss by John Brownlee is a comprehensive analysis of betrayal. It provides numerous real-life examples of betrayal to which we can all relate, including painful personal examples of betrayal from his own life. The Judas Kiss also details how best to respond when betrayed and gives specific coping recommendations that will benefit all of us. I highly recommend this book.

Dave Sanderson
Retired International Marketing Executive
Ontario, Canada