The Secret Genius of Sensory Processing

The senses are the gateway to intelligence. There is nothing in the intelligence which did not first pass through the senses.
Is there a child in your life you deeply care about, but who struggles, and who you just can’t seem to help thrive, no matter what you try?
Are you perplexed because your child is having trouble in school, even though you know they are bright?
Are you worried because they break down emotionally for no obvious reason—or become agitated or aggressive, or maybe shut down altogether?
Do you fear for your child because their social skills are limited and they have very few friends?

YYou want to help your child—and your family—enjoy a fuller, more productive life, but you can’t identify what’s troubling them… so you’re at a loss knowing what to do about it.

There’s a good chance the “IT” has something to do with sensory processing.

Sensory processing is how our brain organizes, interprets, and responds to all the information we gather through sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and even through movement, balance, and vibrational energy.

How well we interpret all those stimuli determines how we experience the world and our own sense of self.

No two people process sensory input exactly the same way. All of us have different sensory needs and preferences. The precise combination of sensory qualities is specific to each individual.

They’re part of our personalities, and we need others to validate them. Because they HAVE a purpose.

They make each of us like a Stradivarius violin with sensory processing systems finely tuned between high and low levels of sensitivity. We are all instruments in a composition of universal design.

If our sensory processing is NOT validated, we’re left feeling bewildered and frustrated, and our understanding of the world, others, and ourselves is inaccurate, causing needless confusion with the risk of lifelong harm.

But there IS a way to help children with sensory processing disorder, in all its many forms—and in my online course, you’ll discover how.

My name is Donna Redman. I’m the founder and CEO of The Secret Genius Project.

My mission is to help you perceive your child’s “secret genius” by giving you the tools you need to understand their sensory language.

And in my online course, I’ll introduce you to someone who can give you those tools so you can make new, more meaningful connections with your child.

You’ll meet Cynthia Duffy.

Cynthia Duffy, authorCynthia’s been a tremendous and accomplished occupational therapist for more than 30 years. She specializes in a pediatric practice that facilitates development in children with Learning Disabilities, Developmental Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In my in-depth interview with Cindy, you’ll discover how to recognize and honor your child’s sensory preferences, as well as your own – and how to help your child integrate them into their daily routines in productive ways.

You’ll become familiar with strategies you can use to empower your child to effectively and positively process thoughts, actions, and situations.

You’ll identify new aspirations for your child, recognize boundaries that would provide security and promote autonomy, and get practical advice for turning concepts like those and others into realities.

You’ll find out exactly how to recognize if your child’s needs are being addressed so they can thrive and flourish.

Best of all, you’ll see your way forward to breaking free from the anxiety, frustration, and helplessness you now feel when you try to navigate the bewildering sensory processing landscape alone

Don’t keep despairing over your lack of connection to your child.

Knowing your child’s sensory needs and preferences allows you to approach them in a more constructive, more caring way.

And it equips you—whether you’re a parent, grandparent, educator, or other concerned adult—to start building the closer relationship to them you’ve been longing for, while perhaps gaining a better understanding of yourself in the process.

Click the button on this page now to enroll in my online course and find out how you can meet your child on a deeper level.

Find out how to relate to them as the Secret Genius they are.

About Cynthia Duffy

CCynthia Duffy has been an occupational therapist in Northeast Pennsylvania for 40 years with a BS in Occupational Therapy from Miseracordia University.  She has had a passion for sensory processing issues throughout her entire career.  In addition, Cindy has worked with geriatrics including Alzheimer's groups, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.  Cindy designed and implemented a program for OT treatment and intervention of alcohol and drugs that included inmate populations and pediatrics.  As the director of a private agency, she managed speech and OT services and is currently in private practice.


NNeemi still talks about what a difference Cindy made in her life, helping her get more organized, plan her movement better, and - most exciting for her - unlock her artistic abilities. Their time together was life-changing.


JJoey still remembers how Cindy would help him with his therapy. Cindy was the person who discovered Joey’s eye had a convergence insufficiency. Thanks to her we found an eye specialist and eye therapy to help him. Cindy made a difference in Joey’s life.

Paula B.

HHaving Cindy as my son’s therapist was a great experience. When my son was having sensory and fine motor skill issues she took the time to explain everything and provided activities that helped my son improve in many ways. The best part is she made his therapy sessions fun. Cindy taught us skill that would help my son for the rest of his life and we are forever grateful.

Elsie B., Thomas's mom

CCynthia was my life saver with helping me help my son through his many early years. The one-on-one work she gave with 100% understanding of sensory processing helped me be a better parent and be able to separate sensory behavior from prior behavior that needed discipline. This gave me tools so I could better advocate at school for him as well. My son would not have had the chance to become the wonderful young man he is today without the direction, expertise, honesty, loyalty from Cynthia.

P.S. I could have said more for what you have done for [my son] as well as myself all those years. I would not have been able to survive dealing with the situations and all the obstacles

Jillian S.S.

II loved working with Cindy! She is professional with years of insight that has helped get my granddaughter ready for kindergarten. Her patience and care goes beyond the surface. She truly invests in each life she touches. She has guided me with recommendations for my granddaughter’s needs, even as she is getting older. I would hire her full time if I could. It is very hard to match the devotion, love and care Cindy pours into her children.

Lottie C.

II I feel like I learned so much from you but never fully understood why you did what you did. Christina responded so well to your methods and I’ve never worked with a more hands on or effective OT. You taught me how to not only calm Christina but make her feel understood even though she could not verbalize what she was feeling. I thank you for all you’ve taught me and I will forever be grateful for the time we worked together. I continue to effectively use your techniques with other students!

Barb B.